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Hands On With The New Oculus Rift Dk2 Virtual Reality Headset

December 2, 2014
The company Oculus has made a splash in recent years: from receiving early support from legendary game designer John Carmack, to a high profile and successful Kickstarter, all the way to their acquisition by social media giant Facebook. It’s almost easy to forget that they are actually working on a product that many are

How To Set Up A Kobo Ereader

December 2, 2014
Kobo is an electronic device that allows individuals from around the world to be able to connect to the global ereading service and have access to millions of ebooks. This ranges from the latest New York Times bestsellers, harlequin romance thrillers, classics and many more. When you purchase the Kobo ereader, in the box

Google Glass Hands on

December 2, 2014
Google glass is one of the most eagerly anticipated tech items. While it’s not available for consumer use at the moment, some people have been allowed to get an early look at the device. And that brings up a question. Just how well does Google Glass actually work? The first aspect of the advice

How Can I Find A Camera Phone That Fits My Needs

December 4, 2014
In this modern day and age, every single phone you are going to purchase comes with a built in camera. Naturally, not all cameras on a mobile phone are created equal, so if you are making your phone decision based on the camera (or heavily based on the camera), there are a few different

How To Shoot Panning Shots

December 5, 2014
Taking shots of moving objects can prove challenging for novice photographers. However, this is something that is easily achieved if practice and research is embraced. Panning shots help you to take photographs with a blurred background, but a crisp subject. You need to first understand the best technique to use for impressive results. However,

How To Get Kindle For Android

December 8, 2014
The Kindle app has become one of the most popular apps from Amazon. The massive collection of books provides a very direct way for millions of readers to enjoy all the books that Kindle has to offer. Lots of people that have smart devices may not have a Kindle tablet though. This is okay

How To Fix A Wet Cell Phone

December 10, 2014
You’re on the phone, and you are about to take a nice warm bath, and while talking, you bend over to grab something in the tub, only to end up dropping your phone into the tub of water. This scenario is something that is absolutely devastating, and it happens all the time. Phones can

How To Enable Task Manager

December 11, 2014
If your computer is freezing or acting up, then there are ways to diagnose the problem, and the best way to do this, is by going into task manager. Task manager is a way to see everything that your computer is currently doing, the memory it’s using, the programs that are open, and best

How To Choose A Kindle Light

December 11, 2014
Everyone is aware of Kindle, which has become one of the best-selling eBook readers over the past couple of years. The exclusive device has a wide range of many types and all of these are currently available on sale at Amazon and a lot of other online stores. The device is perfect for reading

How To Take Photos On A Night Out

December 14, 2014
When out on the town at night, taking photographs is a fantastic way to preserve memories. It is a great hobby, but with shooting photos at night, it takes a little know how to take excellent photos, especially at night. When taking photos at night, there are certain things to keep in mind to

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