Emailing Services For The Cloud Computing Enterprises in 2013


Clouding services are meant to balance the uses and needs as per the requirement of the people and the varying needs. The reason is simplified the call for the self deployment of the services by the company remains uncalled due to the varying software and hardware prerequisites. It is here that the Emailing services are counted to be the exact ones and the imperative services for the clouding part. The services are indifferent and dissimilar to the original pro-visionary services. One major advantage that you might get resulting is the easy transfer of the corporate data from one Pc to another.


It is due to these features that the services are able to take care and make the most out of the cloud computing benefits. A few of the exclusive features include the improved flexibility, complete and thorough capacity utilization with improved responsiveness and excellent cost reduction. Maybe Indian companies are still skeptical on depending on these services, since cost, sanctuary and infrastructural amenities are a major issue, in accordance to the analysts.

 Google Apps-

The World’s best search Engine, Google came up with this superb and amazing application called as Google App. This helps in provisioning individual and autonomous customizable versions of the domain names to the users. There are amazing and astounding features that are being characterized such as Gmail, Google calendar and groups, and other various sites.

All the business personnel find it a good option to rely and depend on the apps provided by Google such as the calendar and docs. This helps in facilitating an efficient and amazing practice to cut down the IT cost and help them in running and operating to deliver much more efficient resultant outcomes. These apps are free for a month, and then charged at $5 per account. The user limit of the account is counted to be nearly 25GB.

Rack space Email and Apps-

The Rack space Email Rest API offers most of the affairs of the Control Panel through a REST-based web API. The main pro of using Rack Space email service is that users need not be tied to their desktops for retrieving enterprise services. Simply log into Rack space Email from desktops, laptops, or mobile phones, and get instant access to electronic mail, calendars, contacts, errands, and explanation.

Panterra Networks-

The service provisions businesses an alternative for adding as well as deleting seats at their will, making a unchanging cost of communications for SMBs. PanTerra Networks are one of the foremost providers in cloud established unified communique services. It has a perfect combination of unified solutions with Software-as-a-Service service, optional for small and medium sized ventures. World Smart, PanTerra Networks first merchandise, incorporates voice, conferencing, video, messaging, and email, collaboration, fax and call centre services into a single resolution with a common user and supervision portal.


Apptix is a Application Service Provider technological company provide hosted industry services or Software as a Service. AppTix provides a extensive range of cloud based solutions, including services such as Microsoft Exchange email, Enterprise-class VoIP phone overhaul, Microsoft SharePoint collaboration services, email encryption, mobile device management and messaging.

Cisco WebEx Mail

Cisco WebEx Mal is suggested for companies who are bearing the additional spare burden of email administration and migration concern. Cisco Web-ex Mail helps endeavors to concentrate more on their tactical projects, as the service educates employees to acclimatize to ever changing executive needs.

Another important feature of Cisco WebEx Mail is the inclusion of advanced exodus immigration tools. The resolution also interoperates with email infrastructure security solutions which obviously diminish disturbance and the turbulence during the transition to a hosted email solution.

VMware Zimbra-

Palo Alto, USA is the place where the groupware server client was created named as Zimbra Collaboration Suite. The server is quite useful at integrating the server and provisioning with utmost flexibility, along with facilities such as contacts, email, calendar, and document management with the emailing facility.

The company was being bought initially by Yahoo, which was later handed over to VM ware.

IBM Lotus iNotes-

Lotus Live is a collection of business networking and partnership cloud-based services hosted by the IBM Collaboration Solutions distribution of IBM. The integrated forces include social networking for businesses, data visualization, file sharing, instant message, online meetings, and e-mail. Lotus Live iNotes is a web-based e-mail and calendar service.

SMTP and POP-3 are enabled and hereby quite useful for the users to make use of the service.

Elastic Email-

Elastic email is an email service meant exclusively for both developers as well as the business managers for a cloud application.  


It was being founded in the year 2002; AppRiver endows with services to corporations of all sizes. The resolutions are considered to be simplified, wrapped over powerful defensive measures.

Microsoft Exchange Online-

Microsoft Exchange Online is an email, calendar and contacts solution rescue as a cloud service, hosted by Microsoft. It is essentially the same service offered by hosted Exchange providers and it is built on the similar technologies as Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft Exchange is accessible both as on-premises software and as a hosted service with Exchange Online. clientele can also choose to coalesce and merge both on-premises and online options in a hybrid deployment.   Source Page

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