Top False Beliefs about Medication and Drugs


There are various myths and false notions which people have concerning drugs and medications that are prescribed and non-prescribed. These false notions have become imbedded in people’s mind. Read to know about some of the false beliefs about medication and drugs so as to get familiar with the risks and negative side effects. Know about the dangers you are exposed to and prevent any harmful consequences.

  • Addiction of Drug

Addiction of Drug

You will deliberately become addicted to a drug if you have constant usage of the substance. The constant usage of the substance over some period of time modifies the chemical composition is brain. This leads to compulsive necessity to take drug to maintain that balance of brain chemistry. You become addict to drug sooner or later.

    • Legal drugs are hundred percent safe and illegal drugs are only risky ones

Legal drugs

In reality all drugs can be abused and you can become drug addict. If doctor has prescribed you a drug it doesn’t mean it is safe. If you exceed doctor’s recommended dosage or fail to specification of substance then consequences can be unpleasant or even fatal. Mild sleeping pills or cocaine will then have no difference if you are addicted to mild sleeping pills.

  • You can mix different drugs of substance and it is safe

Mix different drugs

Well if you are graduate in chemistry and have mastery and familiarity to components of drugs and concentration then you can make mixes of different drugs. Otherwise please this is not safe and it is recommended that you abstain from such practices. If there are some negative interaction between mixing of drugs then it can be life threatening or can cause great harm to your brain and body. If you combine similar substance drugs with similar type compositions then there is risk of exceeding maximum dose of substance which again can cause harmful effects.

  • Drugs have no negative effects on the pregnancy


As a matter of fact that during pregnancy one is advised not to take any drugs because whatever substances which your body intakes and metabolizes partially breaks down and can pass through the placenta and reach to the fetus. As fetus is still developing and his organs are not fully developed nothing can be predicted about the negative effects of drugs on baby. Again this applies to breast feeding period. Drugs can pass through mother to the baby.

  • Drugs and medications don’t have any effect of the driving ability as compared to alcohol.


Alcohol impairs the reflexes and the coordination that is why people say not to drink and drive. Driving after consumption of alcohol is bad and many times results in loss of life and property. And in case of drugs and medication such as perception enhancers and the hallucinogenic drugs no matter how mild they are determined loss in the driving performance. Drugs can at times lead to have distorted visions and also diminishes attention span and results in excessive relaxed muscles. This leads to driver to unable any potential dangerous situation at times.

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